Flavors that Define Edinburgh
Discover, Dine, Delight: The Hanover 71 Cafe & Bistro Experience

Hanover 71 Cafe & Bistro is where Edinburgh wakes up, an oasis nestled along Princess Street's dynamic stretch. Every morning, our extensive breakfast menu beckons, seamlessly marrying the warmth of home-cooked favorites with the thrill of innovative, global flavors. As the city stirs to life, immerse yourself in mornings redefined within our chic, cozy ambiance. Venture deeper into our offerings, and you'll find a menu that's a harmonious fusion of local flavors and global inspirations. Right in the heart of Edinburgh, Hanover 71 presents a culinary journey, ensuring a dish tailored to every whim and palate. Whether you're craving a hearty meal or a light, tantalizing bite, each plate promises an experience, a taste of the city's diverse heritage. But the allure doesn't stop at our dishes. Our drinks menu stands as a testament to Edinburgh's rich legacy, offering everything from classic cocktails that nod to the city's spirited history to a carefully curated selection of wines, beers, and refreshing non-alcoholic beverages. Every sip is an invitation to indulge, making Hanover 71 the ideal backdrop for both grand celebrations and intimate moments. Join us, and toast to the flavors of life.

Open Hours
  • Sunday to Thursday: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

  • Friday and Saturday: 9.00 am - 9.00 pm